Battery grips - are they worth it?

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Ownuser Battery grips - Alredy covered this - Use search box next time
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I too feel that it would be beneficial to have a battery grip option. Someone who is uneducated and or ignorant may think such an option for a compact camera is BONKERS, but like i said they are just ignorant. WE who understand cameras and the history of cameras and photography understand how it is a necessary option. The others who are occasional picture shooters don't realize that almost every SLR camera in in the old manual film and even AF SLR days had that option, and im not talking about just a motor winder attachment, but a portrait grip attachment.. At 1st it was just a portrait grip with motor drive and then it became a portrait grip with the motor being replaced with extra battery capacity storage. But the primary idea was for easier portraiture photography with an ergonomic grip. For the Pro or semi pro photographer who was doing long sessions of photography in portrait aspect.

Compactness has nothing to do with an optional grip. In-fact The old OM system would Boast their SLR cameras to be the most compact available and yet they also offered an add on Portrait Grip.

I too love the Compactness of the G-x cameras. MY G camera is a delight to use and I Cary it with me always. But i too have to use it to make money sometimes and i do not want to have to carry extra batteries in my pockets and have my wrist aching later that night from holding it twisted for so long.

Yes like others have mentioned its easy to drop your wrist or twist it to take a portrait shot.. BUT how about you hold it there for 30 or 40 shots at a time , in a one or two hour long session, Then come tell me how easy you find it to simply turn your wrist rather than get a Grip. Also to have 2 batteries instead of just one for twice the charge time.

Also my big hands get tired holding the tiny camera so long. I would rather a larger grip that the battery grip affords.

AGAIN its an Add On Option. SO i can remove it and have a small camera again. But have the luxury of adding it when i need to for comfort and power length.

And to the Ignorant that say why buy a compact system and put this on it . Well it's still lighter and more compact than a DSLR with a portrait battery grip.. DUhhh, forgot about that didn't ya?

SO now to answer your question, Ownuser, in it's quest to make a universal portrait battery grip design to work on all G-x, GF-x & GH-x (with only internal electronics being different on the the GH2 & G3 models) produced a quite annoying flaw.

It is only secured to the bottom of the camera Via the tripod mount. It has no rotational lock. There are not other guide pins or stationary piece that protrudes into the battery compartment like commonly found on DSLR grips. Its power it sent to the battery compartment via a flexible chord. So the few people that I found that own this item have expressed to me their annoyance at the unit pivoting on the bottom often. Some cant stand that there is only a shutter release button and no finger or thumb wheel but some don't think its a deal breaker, although all wish it was there.

It seams that the uncontrolled pivoting action is what make almost all of them most disappointed with it.

To me the OM-D E-M5 has the only true portrait grip option and that is what i will save my money for next.

If Ownuser is smart they will come up with a low cost single unit battery grip alternative for the OM-D that has the wheels too.
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