J'Accuse - Why Do Camera Makers Produce Flawed Products?

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there is a difference between Apple products and a camera. For example, those who wish to do more with an OS typically choose Android. They get much more control of how their phone or device works simply by rooting a device.

There is also a different set of criteria that goes on with something like an apple device versus a camera. An apple device provides an enjoyable user interface experience (to some) at the same time allowing users to accomplish specific tasks. A camera has to have an enjoyable user experience interface experience while at the same time while accomplishing a much more specific tasks AND providing a result with specific metrics.

For example, facebook can be accessed by many devices through multiple UI experiences. The end result is that the user has accessed facebook. Different cameras provide a way of capturing photos, but the end result is completly different. Image quality varies from device to device. Facebook does not.

So, not only do users have to judgle the experience of taking a photos, but they also have to judge the quality of the photos.

In my experience, if a company has a device that is very specific or niche, they don't have to worry as much about the user experience as much. On the flipside, if a company provides something that many other companies provide, they will typically spend more time on the user experience of using the device to seperate themselves. This is why IMHO Panasonic nor Olympus really haven't quite gotten down the user experience. They don't have to until there is more competition in their market(which is growing).

The real big problem camera companies face though is that even if we break camera UIs into casual snappshooters, enthusiasts, and then pro level photographers, there will always be a big difference even among those users on how many buttons a camera should have, how to access certain settings..etc.

Believe it or not, Apple runs into the same problems. Hence why I personally don't own an apple device. I don't care for the Ipad/Iphone interface. Android is much more intuitive for me, just as Windows. Apple has just found a way to make most people happy with their devices.

The OP talks about owning Canons and not having problems. I've picked up Rebel a few years ago and started playing with it. There were lots of things I didn't like about using the camera from the UI to the location of buttons.

The article suggests that camera companies don't strive for excelence. Who's excelence are we talking about? His? Mine? Yours? I'll agree that products should work as intended and not have failures. But everyone is going to disagree on how to use the product or how the UI should work for them.

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