We're NOT causing global warming...

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Re: I'm Not Convinced By One Proxy Study..
In reply to carlgt1, Mar 27, 2012

Your link dated 2004 and the hockey stick was debunked since then



carlgt1 wrote:

...that medieval warm period was a global phenomenon. I find it a little funny that conservatives are leaping onto this single proxy (ikaite mineral) to "disprove global warming" yet they ignore the 100 other proxies that make a "hockey stick" (see below) which shows we're probably already at the same level if not higher than the "medieval warm period". I was at the AGU conference last year and there was a beautiful woman, a prof in Australia I think, who's research area seemed to be scuba diving around the world in search of a certain clam species who from digging up old enough shells, was a very good proxy for temperatures globally & historically!


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