Portrait Professional 10 worth buying?

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Re: Portrait Professional 10 worth buying?
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I personally despise this sort of editing, and deeply resent the way it's over-used, especially by the fashion and advertising industries. It creates a sick, distorted fantasy ideal of beauty that doesn't really exist.

The next step is for people (especially women, since our culture puts so much emphasis on the importance of appearance for women) to feel inadequate because they don't look like the cover of a fashion magazine, when the truth is that NOBODY looks like that, not even the models on those covers. And those models have tooth veneers, plastic surgery, breast implants, etc, etc.

I like texture on human skin. I like slight irregularities in people's faces. I like "character lines". All these things are part of what makes a person's face unique.

Removing zits, sure. Nobody wants to see skin eruptions in their portraits, but when we start doing plastic surgery by post-processing on every image the public sees, something is very, very wrong.

I understand that I'm swimming against the tide here, but I still feel a need to speak out.

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Duncan C

I'd have to agree with you on these points, Duncan. I too like to see the texture on the skin. However, in my portrait work I was spending way too much time on the computer trying to fix faces. So I finally bought PP10 a few weeks ago. It is turning out to be my secret weapon.

At first I was 'horrified' that the default settings actually changed the bone structure of the subject's face! But then I realized that you can turn that off or just turn it waaay down. The skin smoothing feature is what I like. Well, not what I like but what my clients like. I do a lot of female headshots. A lot of my subjects have acne on the face. PP10 is just a lot faster and simpler than trying fix that in Photoshop. I am impressed by the eye enhancement features too. Very quick.

That being said I am still very conservative in the application of PP10. I always caution my clients not to request too much airbrushing or face sculpting if they are using the photos for a modeling portfolio, lest they be accused of 'false advertising' when they go for an audition. And for my last client I actually gave her two versions of each shot, one without PP10 and one with PP10, so that she could see what she actually looks like in reality vs. fantasy. It was a sobering experience for her.

~ C

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