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The rotating drive mode dial of D800 has a collar or a shoulder
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StillLearning wrote:

When Canon introduced polymer in their cameras close to 30 years ago it had the Metal Purists up in arms. Though I didn't take part I was of the same thought. Well the trial of time has shown that was a brilliant move on Canon's side. Nikon followed suit. My N8008 and N90s didn't seem to suffer from the hybrid of polymer and metal.

The offending part below with the D700 counter part. I don't know what material the D700's is made of but I do know I have a hard time turning it because I have big fingers. The D800's is easier for me to grip. I guess time will tell if this was a wise change or not. Don't forget that people were predicting 4K for the price of this 36mp camera and would happily pay that price if it did half of the hype.

D800 Selector switch

D700 selector switch

The rotating drive mode dial of D800 has a collar or a shoulder while the dial of D700 is a thick plate of plastic. I don't know how thick and robust the shoulder is but from what I have seen in a video it doesn't look very sturdy so I think the plastic shoulder may break if it is hit or abused. Is it only me to think had it been made of steel?

See the time frame from 3:20 to 3:37

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