when will Japan's camera industry fall?

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Re: when will Japan's camera industry fall?
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warakawa wrote:

err... Which company took away Sony's music crown? Apple.

You mean portable music players? They are a fading industry. Most mobile music is now played with a cell phone, and not even an iPhone. There are now $50 feature phones which accept 32 MB microSD cards and work very well as music players. You may even use iTunes to purchase the music and then use a $50 phone to play it. I know almost no one who would use an iPod any more. Some people use the iPod Touch as a mini tablet computer with WiFi and of course also as a music player, but single function MP3 players will soon be just a memory.

which company is dominating computer sales? Apple

Apple is currently the largest personal computer manufacturer, but only by a small margin. There are many players in that field and none of them have any kind of controlling market share.

which company is dominating the semi conductor industry? Intel and AMD

I suppose you mean the personal computer and server processor industry. The smartphone and tablet processor industry has many players, which all use ARM core designs, but make also their own improvements. Then there are of course the memory chip manufacturers and so on.

which company is dominating graphics cards industry? Nvidia and AMD

By volume it is Intel like was already pointed out to you. The various mobile chipset manufacturers also ship huge volumes to smartphones. By performance it is Nvidia and AMD, that much is true.

which company is dominating the phone industry? Apple

By volume it is Nokia and Samsung, which sell huge numbers of feature phones to less affluent countries. If I had to pick just one company, it would Samsung, which has been very successful in both smart and feature phone business.

which companies is dominating software industry? Apple, MS, Google, Adobe.

Apple is hardly a very big software company compared to MS or Google. Apple only makes software to support their hardware. You also forgot Oracle, which does not produce consumer software.

which company is dominating console industry? Microsoft.

Since when? Nintendo Wii was globally the most sold console for many years and the PS3 is also selling well enough that there is no reason to call Microsoft "dominating".

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