Have the D7000 problems been ironed out?

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Re: And here come the D800 problems...I can feel it...
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I shifted from dslr to using largeformat 4x5 95% of the time back in 2006. Black and White 4x5 film to be exact. Landscapes mostly and some flora work. It fits my style and I'll agree with you 100% on film use. I develop my own B&W film, scan it on a flatbed scanner, and PP with PS. The other 5% was with my rock-solid D80 that last week it the dust. So now I have a D7000. I use the dslr strickly for color work which is slowly creeping back into my efforts. (I do not develop color film and the cost to develop the few images is high for largeformat).

Well I did say I agreed with you 100% and that's not true. You said you're limited to film ISO and emulsion characteristics. There are tons of films and developpers out there for B&W - less so for color. I experimented with maybe 25 different B&W films and 10+ developers in my kitchen sink w/o a darkroom. Settled on Ekfe PL25 iso25 and Ilford HP5+ iso400 and even Ilford Delta 3200 iso3200 and Pyrocat-HD for a developer. After a while you master the film/developer combo and achieve a negative you expect. With a bit of time, you can pull 18-20 stops out of a combo without breaking a sweat.

I look forward to spending time learning how to use my new D7000 effectively.

MarkJH wrote:

mosswings wrote:

Meanwhile, with 2004's F6, you shoot, you get it developed and scanned, and you're done. Focus acquisition is relentlessly glorious (feels the same as the D2s, which were excellent). Yes, you have pay for film and development; and yes, you're limited to film ISOs and emulsion characteristics; yes, it's not practical for rapid-fire event work. But it's oh-so-right for portraits, fashion, and glamour. It's just incredible to me how little post-production futzing is involved to get results you'd really have to stomp on digital to see. And the F6, particularly, works great in an otherwise digital kit--you get full lens system compatibility (AF-S, VR), terrific CLS lighting exposure / control, etc. Anyway, I know thinking you've found the future in the past sounds cliche, but count me among the true believers--at least so long as Fuji and Ilford continue to ofer film stock.

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