5D Mark III quick control dial not responding occasionally

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Re: 5D Mark III quick control dial not responding occasionally
In reply to Turbocharged, Mar 20, 2012

Just returned from 1st of day shooting with 5D3 I was having the same problem as 'Turbocharched', looking at it Paul's explanation looks as if it is correct as the problem only occurs when the magnify display is selected directly from the image preview display (not if I wait for the preview to finish/dismiss it) . I was seeing this problem a lot as I'd set the 'image review time' to 8 seconds. I'm sure I'll get used to this, however it would be nice if the ability to move between photos in the magnify screens consistent (often I'll take a sequence of pictures, reviewing them immediately after taking the last one). Hopefully a future firmware update will 'fix' this.

..... Thought I'd try a workaround, setting 'image review' to 'off'- sort of works. Can always move backwards and forwards amongst images.... However, if I press the magnify or play button immediately after taking a picture while the camera is still writing to the CF/SD card then the camera waits to complete writing but then instead of displaying this image it displays the previous photograph (using the quick dial you can move forwards to the latest image)..... Rather confusing! Hopefully this will be fixed in a future FW.

I like the ability to change the magnification level with the main dial, however, why did Canon stop the AE & AF selection buttons from also controlling the magnification level, maintenaning operating consistency with other Canon cameras?

One other operational/usability thing that I've found is that the camera does not seem to be using the light sensor to detect that I've taken the camera away from my eye level to look at the 'image review' as a result it is not adjusting the image brightness, required in strong daylight - otherwise images look undexposed. Before I realised this I was dialing in some + tve exposure compensation and overexpossing as a result! (should have looked at the histogram).

All of this should be easily fixed in FW, I seem to remember that most previous Canon cameras have had a FW update within weeks of release.

The main thing is that so far I'm impressed with the image quality. Initial impression is that the improvement over the 5D2 is greater than I was expecting...... Time to get back to reviewing the days photo's.


Turbocharged wrote:

maybe you're right, what i see on the LCD is an image drawn from buffer instead of the cards inside, that means there isn't any "previous/next" images...

i dont remember how 5D2 react when i zoom and scroll ...

Paul Gath wrote:

I'm not sure that this is an error. If you are previewing the image that you have just taken, I don't think that you can't use the scroll wheel to go back to previous shots, whether you have zoomed in or not.

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