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The opposite of GAS
Mar 16, 2012

With the sell of my GF2, I'll be able to get into new camera. I can even "borrow" the money (wifey's saving account FTW) prior to the sell, but would have to return it. The bad thing is... I can't get rid of the darn thing.

Yeah, it's not an amazing camera, it's not the first of it's kind nor the best, it's not even really known for anything because it's shadowed by the awesomeness of the initial GF1 and the tiny little brother, the GF3. It's frustrating to deal with setting an external flash manually, it's a PITA wondering if the LVF1 is going to fall off (again) and get lost, it's annoying not being able to take pictures above ISO400, it's even more annoying trying to hold the camera for long with anything other than a pancake. But why oh why do I find it so hard to get rid of?!

Initially, I put the camera up with the 14mm pancake and a some other "junk" for $600. I understand that that was probably a bit much, but hell, I thought it was worth it. I got about a dozen bites.... all for the lens though, =(. I even attempted to sell the body only for $250 when I lost my LVF1. I got a bite and actually ignored it and deleted the posting (craigslist).

I'm on the verge of selling my 25/1.4 and picking up the 20/1.7 in order to have the funds for a second body, rather than a replacement. Unfortunately, the 25/1.4 is my favorite lens!


I want the GH2. GX1 is a close second, especially with the awesome deals at Uniquephoto. Kind of scared that if I go with the GH2, I'll miss the compactness of the GF2. If I go with the GX1, I'm scared I'm not going to feel it was enough of an upgrade to justify spending $600 more (GF2+LVF1 vs GX1+LVF2). Maybe I can buy the GX1 with the 25/1.4 ($1059) and sell separately for the extra cash, then pick up the GH2. Feels kind of sleazy though.

IDK... anyone else have problem getting rid of their gear? I can't seem to justify any camera to replace the GF2. I went through a brief stage of craving for the EM-5 as well (that grip is sexy!). But with the lack of any deals for it or any type of money saving choices, it's not really a contender. The GH2 is popping up here and there with sub $600 prices already and the GX1 has mix and match savings as well.

I've actually been planning a body upgrade for a while. I'm too hesitant though to purchase something that I'll feel isn't right for me within a month. I purchased the Oly45 when I gave up back in January. Then in Feb, I bought the P14. I have a feeling I might be getting another lens here soon... lol.

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