Settings for Macro photos with 105mm Nikon macro lens/D700

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Re: Settings for Macro photos with 105mm Nikon macro lens/D700
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This is very tough to say why your friend is having trouble without any pictures to see. BUT, in general there are a few pitfalls most run into when they begin macro photography:

The largest issue is often the lack of depth of field- this really drives a lot of the other problems. Essentially, at close range the depth of field decreases. This makes nailing the point of focus very difficult. AF doesn't do a terribly good job of it and you'll find most of us rely heavily on manual focus (using the fous ring, or by setting magnification and moving the camera closer/further from the subject until in proper focus). A tripod makes this much easier AND it helps minimize shake... macro magnifies everything, including your mistakes like shakieness. a GOOD tripod is VERY helpful for this. I really recommend a good tripod to learn macro. Because the DOF is so small, we often will be shooting at tiny apertures (large f numbers). This leads to slow shutter speeds which leads to trouble with camera movement. Flash can help with the shutter speed issue. Good flash can look nice too. Just like in portature, the quality of the light will impact the photo.

So, when starting out... I like to recommend going to a tripod for stability. It helps with manual focus and it also slows you down and helps you focus on the composition too. If shooting stationary objects, you won't need flash. Get a cable release (I forgot to mention this earlier). Once you or your friend feel comfortable, then I'd begin to experiment with things that make macro more challenging like shooting things that move, shooting without tripod, etc.

It is quite possible to get very high quality macro shots without a trip and all the other stuff I just mentioned. There are lots of folks who do it regularly (I shoot about 50/50 supported versus unsupported) Its just harder, and certainly VERY frustrating if you are new at it.
Best of luck!

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