"Mirrorless" is the future???

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Barry Fitzgerald
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Re: Hmm, me thinks Canon has left it too late to make a significant impact.....

Morpho Hunter wrote:

Well ...given the image quality of the EM-5 ..that's no longer the case ..hey what am I saying ....Canon APS-C camera images have always been crap ..oops ..sorry ..soft ..compared to those produced by even the" lowly" EPL-1 ....or even its ancient predecessors ..the E-410/E-510. Canon would probably argue that Olympus's images look sharper due to software enhancement ...yurr ..right ...everyone else ... (including most Canonites) would argue that it's due to far superior lenses.

Well the OM-D is going to have to compete with the D7000 and that body is actually cheaper. DOF is the key here sure 4/3 sensors have got better but then APS-C has it's size advantage

Next up is 24mp for this class of camera. Not that I care but that's the way it goes. 4/3 is always one step behind. And what happened to "no more mp" from Olympus? Concentrating on dynamic range so they said

The EM-5, in spite of it's (seemingly) stupidly high price..represents a sea change in digital photography .....as many of us have observed ..when we examined the quality of the poster-sized prints that were displayed at the "Focus on Imaging" exhibition at Birmingham, UK. (Even the nearby Nikon D800 exhibition guys came over to have a look):

UK price is awful £999 body only that puts it up against some capable alternatives.
I'm sure folks did rush over to look, but mostly at the nice blonde girl

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