iPad 3 coming in March

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Re: iPad 3 coming in March
In reply to T3, Mar 9, 2012

T3 wrote:

john1900 wrote:

Apple followers believe that Apple invented the computer, which is a plain lie, many people invented or contribute to its invention. Every idea that happens in the software and computer world is from Apple. I can't stand their arrogance. Apple is just a big advertising company. Too bad that the big visionary Steve Jobs died, now they will not have any more ideas. ha, ha, ha
I guess Apple invented the slice bread.

I don't believe Apple invented anything. However, they do deserve a lot of credit for mainstreaming a lot of things. Sometimes, that's more important than actually inventing it. There's no point in inventing something that no one ends up knowing about.

I agree 100% with you that Apple did not invent anything, the other part is just a money driven marketing thing. But if it was not for Bill Gates who kindly gave Apple 50 millions cash (which by the way is or was a few pennies to us in the wallet of Gates) to help them when they were down, where Apple would be today? Apple has not been the successfull company that we know now. They have almost gone bankruptcy at times in the pass. It just happens that is their turn to ride the golden horse for now.

Geez, why are you filled with some much vitriol and hate? Some day you're going to give yourself an aneurysm. Why don't you just buy what you like, and let other people buy what they like? Is that too much for you to take? LOL.

I don't promote or sell iPads in here, SonyA77 and Mark B do. We all should buy whatever we like, but SonyA77 and Mark B are forcing this POS on all of us here. It's typical of Apple fan boys to preach the Apple gospel shiiit.

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