X Pro 1 Catastrophe - part 1

Started Mar 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
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X Pro 1 Catastrophe - part 1
Mar 9, 2012

I wrote a post here almost exactly one year ago when I had made the terrible mistake of pre-ordering the X100.

Now I have crazily gone and pre-ordered the XPro1. Now that the early reviews are in I have uncovered some very severe problems with this Fuji camera.

1. I thought the X100 was going to be as good as an M9+35 cron. Well I was disabused of that notion. Even though some random chap called Erwin Puts thinks it's quite good, obviously when it comes to Leica he hasn't got a clue. The comments on Steve Huff's blog are where the real Leica knowledge is. Once again I had high hopes that the XPro1 was finally going to let me compete with my brother-in-law's Titanium M9 and 50 'lux. His unboxing video on youtube now has over a million hits! His bokeh on his cat pictures is amazing because he always shoots wide open. I have never seen such detailed shots of a cat's nose. Fortunately the eyes are always out of focus because I find cat eyes quite creepy with their vertical slits. Anyway, the XPro1 is clearly not the Leica-beater I was hoping for. They make such a big deal out the lack of AA filter, but the Leica has been doing this for years. Also the M8 in particular is much better for infrared photography.

2. Okay so there is more bokeh than the X100 because of the 35 f1.4, but it's still clearly not as good as my FF Nikon with the 300mm f2.8. (Last year I was using Canon, but I so switched because Nikon have been creaming them lately. My D3 is awesome, and I have pre-orders in for a D800, D800E and D4.) Street photography is very important to me, and my basic strategy, unchanged from a year ago, is to stand at some distance from homeless people and teenage girls and take pictures of them without them noticing. Because I always shoot wide open, and demand tack-sharp images, the background is thrown completely out of focus, so I don't have to care in the slightest about what is behind my subject. Many of my pictures would have been ruined by approaching policemen and irate boyfriends without that creamy-smooth background blur. The lack of long lenses for the XPro1 launch is a clear mistake; I've been injured a couple of times because I had to get too close to my victims - I mean subjects, and now have a bit of a limp, so the longer focal length gives me a good head-start when I get chased.

3. Lack of image stabilization is a still problem because I drink a lot of coffee now - Starbucks is everywhere, and lately have been using cocaine quite a lot, also more than ever after being chased by homeless people, I get the shakes. My psychologist says it may be PTSD after that beating in October. Even though the XPro1 is quite large, it's still apparently very light and the extra weight of my Nikon DSLRS helps me to steady the camera. Of course all my Nikon lenses have VR.

4. No zooms at launch. Of course the XPro1 is far superior to the X100 with it's stupid fixed focal length, but to launch with only 3 lenses is absurd, and none of them are zooms! Where is an f2.8 24-70 equivalent? Fuji have seriously dropped the ball yet again.

5. Lens quality. I have no idea what Hasselblad were thinking dropping Zeiss in favour of Fuji, because clearly Fuji lenses are sub-par. The sharpness of the 18mm in particular is very disappointing, and it displays severe lateral chromatic abberation at the edge of the frame - which isn't even corrected by the jpg engine.

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