7D blue streak in upper left of all shots -- need camera repair?

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Re: 7D blue streak in upper left of all shots -- need camera repair?
In reply to dpbrad, Mar 6, 2012

Again, my thanks for all the suggestions about the perfectly straight blue streak that was appearing in the upper left quadrant of all photos on my 7D -- every shot with every lens at every aperture. Given as much, I was thinking it was probably a sensor issue ... but hoping that cleaning would do the trick.

I sent the camera in to Canon for a repair and they sent it back with a note that they had cleaned the senor and made other adjustments (though exactly what those were I really couldn't quite make out). The cost was $220, which if I understand things from taking to a Canon rep on the phone is apparently their standard base cost for most cleaning and simple repairs. I think users would benefit from knowing that on the way in, but I didn't notice anything to that effect when I filled out the repair request online. I also found that getting the order to go through on the web was confusing, but maybe that's just me. I had a much better experience on the phone with Canon than on the web, for what it's worth.

Anyway, with the camera back in hand, I shot some test photos and unfortunately I still had the same blue streak. So in it went again for a re-repair -- the Canon reps on the phone were very professional and polite and apologetic, by the way. And, this time, because it was a re-repair Canon paid for the shipping. They fixed things -- said the accompanying note -- by replacing the sensor ... no charge.

So, all in all, a rather time-consuming experience, but I thought replacing the sensor without charge beyond that base rate was generous. Don't know if that's typical or if they were being kind given that it was a re-repair. I have no idea what a senor replacement would normally cost.

So the bottom line is this: while I wish Canon had taken care of things the first time around, stuff happens. Yes, I had to send it in twice, I'm quite satisfied by the result. Things were handled quite professionally despite the error.


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