Insane pricing... Canons new attitude

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Re: Insane pricing... Canons new attitude
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It always amazes me that people ignore the VAT that these prices include and the sales tax that the US prices don't. Travel to the US and try to find a shop in NY that won't charge you about 10% in sales tax above and beyond the sticker price. That 5DIII will cost you about £2440 at current exchange rates, then customs will want VAT from you anyway when you bring it back to the UK. Total price is about £2930 imported, so providing you can find a return flight for less than £70 you can save money.

studiomk wrote:

Your not joking re European price difference!!!!!

5D MKIII body £2999 = $4798
600EX RT £679 = $1086
600EX £635 = $1022
ST E3 RT £309 = $494
WFT E7 £789 = $1262

Far cheaper to fly to US buy a camera system and fly back!!!! Canon you have just gone mad! For some strange reason in another thread I posted that Canon do not seem to understand that we are in a world financil crisis. Some bright spark stated that obviously they do as they have put their prices up....go figure. Yes we are all going to find the next few years harder to maintain our buisnesses as clients struggle to find budgets for marketing etc.

Good old Canon will lose the new market, some who don't have too much invested in lenses will jump ship. Me I can keep my clients happy with the quality from the 5DMKII and will wait till the market dictates Canon get a grasp on reality. If Nikon have to buy in their 36MB Sony silicon and sell as good, if not better body as well for £2000, why can't Canon who make their own 22MB silicon charge the same or less?

The new camera would be great for my business with dual card slots etc, but I won't be over charged for what is a small incrimental step up. The 600EX RT flash I would have bought 2 asap if they were £350 ($560), but @ £675 ($1080) no chance.

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