OMG a new flash with built in wireless, TTL and you can control it from the camera!

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Re: OMG a new flash with built in wireless, TTL and you can control it from the camer
In reply to Tubal, Mar 3, 2012

Tubal wrote:

+1. All this guy does is complain about his Sony gear. I can't imagine what it would be like to live with him. What a mess.

Get rid of your gear. We get it. You hate it.

Clearly YOU get very little. The other posters actually stuck to the topic but seeing that you lack anything worthwhile to add you just slang some mediocre insult my way.

Why are you talking about living with me, are you hitting on me? Do you even shoot with flash? Do you understand the issues I am talking about from a photographers standpoint? What exactly are your credentials?

-You know what, don't answer, I don't care- But please refrain from posting these generic statements regarding my stance on camera gear, sonys or life in general. I am a diverse poster with a clear ability to articulate issues that I have with this gear. Although I put out plenty of posts on positive things that recoginze what any of the manufacturers do good I am not hear to fan boi any brand, I am hear to discuss issues i have with gear for two reasons 1) in the hopes that someone may provide a valid work around, 2) to call other photographers attention to issues in the hope to lobby for positive changes which will only occur if a market demand exists.

In other words, do not attack my character, that is against forum rules, stick to the issues. Like an educated person.

Back to reality, oops there goes gravity.

You other guys raise some valid points. The wifi should be built into body, that is a big dissapointment, however the approach, the concept is awesome. Its where flash systems should be going, lots of punch, built in wireless, ttl or manual wirelessly, control of all flashes via camera body. To me this sounds like lighting heaven.

As for price. These things are less expensive the a sony 58 + transmitter. Plus it sounds like they are weather sealed. Replacing older flashes is not a big deal for someone like me because i would prefer to populate my gear with fewer powerful flashes then a bunch of weak ones, and last gen top gear still generally holds value well if you need to resell.

Other then lens, most camera gear does not offer a lot of backwards compatability. Its just how it is with technology. Id rather not see new gear coming out that is prioritizing backwards compatability, rather they should prioritize tools that optimize photographic workflow.

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