I thought I will never buy a full frame camera.

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Re: Also the "smooth" factor
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qianp2k wrote:

The theory that provided you have a perfect lens that a 15mp 50D can out-resolves a 12.8mp 5D is simply wrong. First of all, there is only a negligible difference between 15 and 12.8mp; secondly, 5D sensor is still twice as big as 50D's one; and this completely ignores SNR, so-called fine details (which is not the same as pure resolution). Sure my 18mp 60D has more resolution than my 12.8mp 5D but it also has lots more noise/grain even at base ISO. Canon 18mp APS-C noise/grain wights more than the advantage of 5.8mp difference, therefore 5D has better finer details (SNR) than 60D/7D even at base ISO 100 no matter which "perfect" lens attached to. Further extended to 36mp Nikon D800. Yes it has amazing resolution at base ISO but when ISO rising, the SNR quickly towards to noise/grain side, so 36mp probably is not the sweetest MP amount in entire ISO range on a FF sensor, 22mp probably is closer in today's FF sensor technology.

nicely said--

Again not every pixel is the same among different cameras and among different crop formats. 1D3 although is only 10mp but its IQ that well known creamy and smooth color rendition and clarity are lots better than 18mp 60D that becomes so obviously in close-up portrait, even at base ISO 100.

Again nicely said,

Im not sure why Fuzzy, Daniel, and carlk cannot see this difference, i suspect that it is a lack of being detail oriented? or maybe its low quality lens, small monitors, something in there equipment? or Maybe just fuzzy vision?

MAC wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

carlk wrote:

Peter 13 wrote:

carlk wrote:

People did not want to belive 15MP 50D sensor has better resolution than 5D but that eventually proved to be true at base ISO by many comparison tests.

I wonder why they did not want to believe it...

I guess some people are so poor in math they could not tell 15MP is more than 12MP.

If the lens were infinitely sharp, then, yes, 15 MP would resolve more than 12 MP. However, the enlargement factor of FF vs 1.6x will overwhelm the small magnification factor of 15 MP vs 12 MP for most, if not all, lenses.

Enlargement factor is a factor

But also the factor that Noise Eats away at resolution as you go up in iso and size

I learned long ago that I could take a clean pic up in size better than a noisy pic that had reached my view of a noise wall

Noise Kills pics

I like my 500 HS @ iso 100-200

I like crop to iso. 1250

I like FF ISO 1600 + 3200 +

That is at least the difference between between an F2.8 lens and a F4 lens and we know which lens cost more

The money is being made on hi iso not on scrapes - that are a Sony thing

Give us outstanding iso 6400 and a new 24-135 F4 L 4 Stop IS with cross type AF at the rule of thirds at 12 mpxl + and I'll send my $3500 their way tomorrow for that one lens kit

Why? Because I can take noise free pics up to 20x30 easily with my 16 bit SI

Noise kills pics

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