Does the E-M5's lack of built-in flash bother you?

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Thread maxed out, also an answer to your reply below this one.
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T3 wrote:

Actually, even Cartier-Bresson was a one-eye shooter.

Based on these two shots? It's like posting two pictures of Castro without a cigar, and concluding he didn't smoke... Anyway, HCB is only one photographer, the golden age of street photography was indeed based RFs, where the two-eye-technique was an important attribute.

And as you can see by how he holds his rangefinder in the bottom image of him, he holds it with the viewfinder at the top, in order to avoid the issue of having his bottom hand and the viewfinder being so close together (which would obviously happen if he held it with the shutter button at the top like many of us hold our cameras, as depicted by Sony's own promo image at bottom):

I shoot 33%-40% of my portrait oriented shots with the shutter facing down... Secondly, you are reading a lot into that image, you don't know why he holds it like that, (disregarding the fact he's effectively posing...). If anything, the first shot you posted indicates (yes, one shot is not a proof) that he held the lens with his left hand, and not resting the body on his palm.

Plus, I don't think there's much to your argument that two-eye shooting makes you a better photographer or allows you to get better images.

Huh? That's like saying the overwhelming number of shots are done without flash => flash doesn't make pictures better... Well, this is a context related issue, isn't it?

It's obvious that the overwhelming majority of the best photographers in the world shoot one-eye.

Indeed, since the best photographers aren't natives from Naboo:

A normal human scull, doesn't allow for convenient two eyed shooting on the most versatile and powerful photographic tool available (at least until now), the (D)SLR.

And the overwhelming majority of the top photos being produced are shot one-eye.

Yup, RFs have been out performed by (D)SLRs. Merging the benefits of both systems hasn't been possible, until now...

And as mentioned, and as is clearly evidenced by the images of Cartier-Bresson, he too was a one-eye shooter.

As a pointed out, there's no substance behind this statement, but even if it were true, it wouldn't disapprove the usefulness of the two eyed technique.

But I can give yo another few:

No nose-smear on the LCD.

Shorter eye relief is adequate (smaller, lighter, cheaper eyepiece).

No incidental push on the LCD/ buttons. God knows how many shot's I've lost on the 350D due to the self-timer button right at my nose tip...

You clearly don't know the story behind this famous image. The story is that Cartier-Bresson shot this image from between the planks of a very tall fence. The spacing between the planks was so narrow that he couldn't even fit his camera between them, even with the camera in portrait orientation. So clearly, he could not have taken this shot with two-eye shooting as you claim. In fact, if you look at the original negative of this famous image (at bottom), you can clearly see one of the planks of the fence on the left of the negative frame. So even if he were shooting two-eye as you claim (which he was not), his free eye would be staring at a plank of wood.

Indeed, now watching YT, this particular shot wasn't taken with the two-eye-technique, but the infamous NON-eye-technique:

In his own words, this was pure luck (and being filthy rich shooting in blind back then was insanely expensive).

Nevertheless, a shot like this is an excellent example where two eyes can tremendeously help to boost your 'luck', since you can see what's about to happen in the frame...

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