Should I worry about using A77 for WEDDING work?

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Yes, Use the A77 for weddings If you want sharp photos with great color!
In reply to Jim Funston, Feb 23, 2012

It was our website that the OP referred to and we were 1 of the 1st people to get an A77 and may have even shot the very 1st wedding in the world with it

We have now taken about 40,000 excellent photos with our 2 SONY SLT-A77s including several weddings. We were also the official photographers on the Rock Legends Cruise in December and shot over 9,000 photos and some superb videos. The video we shot was noticeably better quality that the $15,000 professional video cameras they were using for in house production.

We have had zero issues with 1 of our cameras and the other (mine) has locked up maybe 10 times out of 25,000 photos. It's a simple and fast reboot and happens so infrequently that is isn't worth sending in for repair. I haven't missed any "magic moments" at weddings as I am second shooter.

As far as weddings I highly recommend the A77, but only if you have plenty of time to get used to it before you shoot. We went from the A55 to the A77 so our learning curve was shorter than a lot of people's, but we've had them for 6 months and we are still learning. As with any camera used to shoot a wedding it is imperative to use great glass!

We own a nationwide DJ and photography company and we edit wedding photos that our photographers have taken from every manufacturer and lens combo, so we have a first hand ability to compare hundreds of thousands of photos. Nikon seems to take sharper photos but the skin tones are off, Canon seems to have the best color but not as sharp, and Sony seems to have the best over-all package especially with their ne red processing. When it comes to wedding video the Sony crushes all competitors. (by the way the onboard mic is spectacular). So far every one of our local photographers that we have let rip a few shots with our A77 has sold their gear and made the switch. We've done several head to head-shoot the same shot tests and the Sony wins every time.

Those of you that already have the Sony... don't forget those legendary Minolta lenses! Other than our Sony 16-50MM 2.8 we only use Minolta. Excellent glass and very inexpensive.

To the posters talking about renting lenses for a wedding.. huh??? I could not imagine being a wedding photographer and not already owning the best possible glass to shoot weddings with... buy used if you have to, sell the lenses you don't use, but whatever you do OWN the lenses that you need for your trade

Visit our site as posted by the OP for links to thousands of photos and some videos taken with the A77

We Shoot with 2 SONY SLT-A77s, ("KONG" and "ITSA") one with the new SONY 16-50 2.8 ("King") and the other with a MINOLTA 28-135 4-4.5 (TGL "the GREAT LENS" pronounced TEEGEL) In the bag we have another 28-135 and a 100-300 Minolta APO ("Stretch"). We also have several other legendary MINOLTA lenses so we always have back-up!
We were the official photographers for the Rock Legends Cruise on 12-1-11!
We are the officiial photographers for the Rock Legends Cruise 2 on 1-10-13!

Sony SLT-A77 Sony DT 35mm F1.8 SAM Sony DT 50mm F1.8 SAM Sony DT 16-50mm F2.8 SSM +4 more
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