It's our (the entrants) fault that the challenges don't work well.

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It's our (the entrants) fault that the challenges don't work well.

So far, for every picture that I entered in a challenge, I have cast 236 votes on average for others (i.e. my challenge stats are 46 entries and 10848 votes cast).

In return, my recent challenge entry received a sad number of 8 votes.

(BTW, there were 100 entries in total in this challenge, I did cast a vote for all other 99.)

A simple calculation tells me that there must be a lot of challenge participants who vote very, very little or not at all. Just to see if this can be correct, I looked at the profiles of the winners of yesterday's seven challenges (Congratulations to the winners, BTW!) - just to get a random sample of participants.

Actually, only two out of the seven have managed to vote more than a mere 6(!) times per entry that they have submitted themselves. There are even two among those seven winners who have entered more images than they have cast votes (one with 391 entries and 362 votes cast). Please don't get me wrong - I don't want to single out anyone here. However, I feel confirmed that the challenge entrants, in general, don't bother to vote.

Come on, people. The challenge system does not work like this.

Frankly, it is pretty unfair to expect others to spend time & judge your images, but not to return the favor. Aside from that, it is exactly this non-voting behavior what opens the door to sandbaggers, cheaters with multiple accounts, etc.: With the low number of votes per image (...currently lower than ever, I feel), it's real easy for a cheater to influence the outcome significantly!

So, please, be fair to your peers and VOTE!

I don't care if you vote in the challenge you entered or -in case you think you're getting too biased doing that- if you vote instead in other challenges. Just vote.

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