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Re: overwhelming majority of DSLR sales are in the entry-level segment
In reply to Barry Fitzgerald, Feb 16, 2012

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

T3 wrote:

Now, I am eager to get an OM-D E-M5. It puts me even closer to a traditional SLR/DSLR than the E-PM1 + VF3 did because the E-M5 has an integrated viewfinder, a standard hotshoe, traditional SLR controls, and a traditional SLR form factor! And many traditional DSLR owners are eager to get their hands on an OM-D E-M5 as well!!!

You are being woefully short-sighted and narrow-minded if you think that mirrorless cameras are just P&S cameras that happen to have interchangeable lenses! How terribly wrong you are.

I have to disagree if people were dumping DSLR's hand over fist for ILC's there would be a sharp drop in DSLR sales. That has not happened

The OM-D is priced at a point that puts it in direct competition with DSLR's such as the 60d and D7000.

It's not hard to work out that your average mid level DSLR buyer isn't even going to look twice at the Olympus. It might fill a niche for the few who stuck around with 4/3

The other issue is that being able to change the lens is of "less use" for these compact type cameras. Not everyone finds size a problem (they're not all big pro DSLR built in grip sized either) ILC's some have quite small bodies such as NEX, but the moment you don't mount a pancake it's really not a compact camera at all

ILC's have very small systems, and simply are not viable alternatives for many DSLR buyers. Far from dumping their DSLR's some folks are adding ILC's and keeping their DSLR. Some are buying them instead of a high end compact. And relatively few are dumping their DSLR's for them

The problem with MILCs is that you cant use their lenses on higher end SLRs, so if you have both you need two lens systems. Olympus is selling an SLR product with no upgrade path, Nikon and Canon are selling small SLRs with a considerable upgrade path.

However if you have no intention of one day buying a top end SLR, the MILCs can provide a reasonable alternative but at no real cost saving - they are just smaller.

Top end MILCs have to have the features and performance of higher end SLR systems before people will see a "system" worth investing in. Being a second camera for enthusiasts is not a good marketing strategy even if forum junkies love the cameras.

Imagine a NEX77 with some fast zooms, PDAF and real time subject tracking with a burst rate of at least 6fps, and you have a system that is a real alternative to an SLR. Buying in to the cheap end of the system still gives you room to grow.

The real trouble with MILCs is that size alone is not a convincing enough reason to buy a MILC if you have to give up on ever planning to upgrade. Right now there is nowhere to go. I can get the same results from a G3 I can get from a G2H and apart from a VF the OMD is not much different from the same G2H. Niether are in the D7000 or 7D ballpark, or even 60D for that matter.

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