D700, D4, D800 and unfounded angst

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Mark Hollister
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In reply to eNo, Feb 15, 2012

eNo wrote:

For years we read complaints on this forum about Nikon's lack of an answer to Canon in the affordable, full frame, high megapixel category. Now that the D800 is waiting to make its debut, a great deal of angst is appearing on numerous forum postings. This angst is coming mostly from those who want and/or need an affordable, full frame, low noise in low light performer. The D700 previously fulfilled that need. The fear is that now that Nikon has announced the D800, they will not follow up with that second type of camera, which for lack of a better model number I will call the D3s/D4-lite.

For the most part, I identify more with the D3s/D4-lite for the type of photography I do. The question for me is whether the angst I'm reading has a solid foundation. We don't Nikon's final plan, but I think the answer to this question is "no."

Nikon has released a very capable and promising camera in the D800, and with it, they have shrewedly gone after a section of the market they had not previously captured -- or had only partially address with the rather pricey D3X. But does this mean they will discard the segment of the market they previously captured? That would seem foolish. Why would Nikon want to forego that much revenue? Isn't it more likely that they will wait a while to sell D4 bodies, and then follow up with what low light shooters want or need?

In the end, going after the D800 with arguments about too many megapixels that no one needs or large file sizes no one should want to process is a fruitless exercise because no matter what we say, the D800 is coming out. And if we're making these arguments because we fear Nikon will leave us behind, we may find in another year or so that not only is the D800 a very useful camera, but that the D3s/D4-lite will also come out to serve us well.
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