Hating the OM-D Hump

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Re: Hating the OM-D Hump
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ZoranC wrote:

macmanlou wrote:

All things considered, do you really think the E-M5's hump is so ugly that it will cause undo negative attention from potential subjects? Or is this a matter of personal pride of ownership?

If you did some shooting in public places you would know that any hump, anything DSLR / pro like, causes people to be disturbed by it, while cameras with low profiles / no viewfinders do not get that reaction. Just ask street photographers and many people that went m43 for that very same reason.

I've been shooting in public places for over 40 years. Folks are apt to be a little put off when they notice someone has any camera pointed at them, SLR-style or otherwise. Shooting from the hip (with a tilt screen - or using zone focus) helps keep the photographer from being noticed - much more so than the lack of a hump. Looking through any eye-level viewfinder is the equivalent of staring at your subject through a lens, and folks are generally very sensitive to being stared at. I really think there is very little difference between an E-M5 or say, an NEX 7 with regard to public perception.

Besides, even if that didn't matter, why one can't feel that part of product is eye sore? What that has to do with "personal pride of ownership?". If you were buying a brand new car wouldn't you ask yourself same questions if top of it stuck out like a sore thumb compared to rest of it, especially when that car is priced in top of the price range ($1000 for body is most expensive m43 as of now, more expensive than many entry level DSLRs with bigger sensor, and almost as expensive as NEX7; $1300 for body and kit lens is as expensive as NEX7 with it's kit lens)?

You have a perfect right to feel that the hump is an eyesore, as much as anyone else has the right to disagree with you.

Price has absolutely nothing to do with style (just look at how the wealthy dress themselves at times). A Leica M series camera equipped with a wideangle lens uses a clip-on OVF that sticks out "like a sore thumb". Somehow that little red badge on the front of the camera makes it OK, though.

What I meant by "personal pride of ownership" is that it seems as though you would be embarrassed to be seen using an E-M5. That would be a pity if the camera turned out to be the most functionally appropriate choice for you.

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