Oly OM is back?

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Re: Umm, nothing new
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T3 wrote:

Bob Meyer wrote:

T3 wrote:

No, it isn't just about "pretty." It's about having physical control knobs and dials. It's about having an integrated viewfinder. It's about functionality.

The GH2 already has all the physical controls you're likely to find on the OM-D. Physical selection of mode (PASM, custom modes), AF pattern and single or continuous

Umm, Oly doesn't make the GH2. That's why are making the OM-D. Oly and Panasonic are two different companies, competing with one another. Just because Panny might have such a camera doesn't mean Oly is just going to say, "Oh, we don't need to make such a camera, because Panny already makes one!"

AF (or MF), single, continuous and bracketing. As well as buttons for ISO, WB, and other functions (3 of which are user definable.

I agree that manual controls are important. I just find it funny that Panasonic has been offering this format since their first m43 camera, and now that Oly is about to do the same it's suddenly new and exciting.

The problem is that the GH2 looks like a typical ho-hum cheap plastic modern DSLR. In other words: boring.

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Yes Oly is back with the OM-G. The GH2 would have sold like hotcakes if Pany had put in an attractive body like the OM-G with similar construction to the GX1 and had made it available body only or different lens choices from the start.

I hope that Pany has this in mind when they come with the new GH3? Without IBIS Pany should be able provide a lower hump and they already provide a bigger view.

I really think the OM-G will be a game changer for Oly as would a similar model from Pany which at long last would be a huge lure to the bigger DSLR crowd or potential customers much as the orininal OM1 was in it's day as others have noted. It is what I have lobbied for both Oly and Pany to do for several years as yes people do like small metal jewels. To me the attraction is the new improved IBIS which now works in live view and can be used with video and a faster AF system for tracking ffast moving objects and to eliminate video jelly if as good as hyped?

For me the new IBIS promises to be so much better I can't see getting a PEN which will not have it so for me it is the OM-G to replace my DSLR and a Pany for any small rangefinder model for travel.

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