OM-D E-M5 - Fool Me Once?

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Re: OM-D E-M5 - Fool Me Once?
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I'm an Oly fan too, current on an E-3, but have an E1, a 510 and a EP-1 and bunches of glass. And for all intents and purposes, my view is that what makes 4/3 so good is that the glass. Oly produces some of the finest zooms available, at least in my mind. For image quality, now when I am on an E-3, I fest that upgrading to an R-5 would not make that much difference (which is why I instead complemented the E-3 with an EP-1).

I'll stick with the E-3 and glass for it for a long time I guess. The E-M5 though looks brilliant (like my old OM-1n still lying around somewhere) and has a bunch of cool features. But I'll wait for an E-7 I guess. If no E-7 should arrive, then the E-M5 is a good option with a converter, but I am sure the E-7 will appear eventually.

But as important glass is to image quality, the camera body as a gadget is so much more interesting and fun. But I don't really have a problem, I can buy other fine gadgets and complement the excellent 4/3 glass i own with an E-M5 on a converter (which I already have for my E-P1).


davyg wrote:

I'm very much an Olympus fan with a huge investment in the E Series camera system which includes E1, E500, E510 and E520 bodies and a large collection of lenses and accessories, I also own an EP-1.

Having read the various threads and announcements regarding the OM-D E-M5, I was eagerly awaiting either confirmation that 4/3 lenses will focus well on the new M4/3 body or that a new 4/3 body would soon be on offer however, I am now beginning to question my reasoning for continuing to support a brand which seems determined to alienate those willing to invest in systems which they may drop/cease to support without much notice.

I am aware that there is speculation that a new 4/3 body may make an appearance, at the moment this appears to be simply speculation.

I'm uncertain as to whether I want to buy into the "new" OM-D sysytem with the subsequent costs or simply to continue with the 4/3 bodies until they give up the ghost.

Do any others have the same doubts as I?

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