Our within warranty-related experiences

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Our within warranty-related experiences
Feb 4, 2012

This is a thread in which we can post our outcomes from within warranty repairs . These seems to be better handled than out of of warranty repairs .

I've Two GRDI. One old scuffed which works quite well for most of the time and one in almost mint condition which still have warranty until march or april this year.

The AF have ever since I bought it as used, been a slightly hit and miss, presumably as similarly the slightly infamous Caplio R5 That although it have a good copy of that 28mm lens. The scuffed GRDI are almost always spot on for most of the time.

I thought that it perhaps not were badly enough so that the service would care to get it sorted out.

I've been lucky with dust until recently. During the last three weeks I've forced myself to use that mint GRD with inconsistent AF and finally it have got got two dust speckles on the sensor. One is quite big and clearly visible even at f5 or smaller apertures. I can even see it at 3.5 when using full zoom on the display.

If I've got this right from previous thread on this issue with dust. Ricoh are going to swap lens assembly and sensor during warranty instead of just clean the ccd which should be enough.

Anyway now I can ask about focus calibration as well and also pixelmapping of the 'new' sensor before the camera is being sent back. My experience with the 400G wide and 'new' ccd which have been on hte shelf for quite some time as for spareparts is that it have had two or three hot pixels when the camera was returned to me. So that's why I'm going to request pixelmapping of the new sensor just to try make sure that it is alright.

Now I could only hope that the ADJ-wheel could start give problem with the dreaded freezing-issue to have that repaired within warranty also. Especially as it is about to come sooner or later anyway.

I could never think that I would be glad about having dust issues but actually it is not that bad having a good reason to send in the camera after all Just dsicvered that yesterday and did the same white wall test with my scuffed GRD which have even more dust on the sensor. I'll fix probably clean that sensor myself later today as it not is very hard to reach.

But I thought that I'll have a few things fixed on that mint GRDI while it is still within warranty. Dust issues, Focus calibration and pixelmapping of the new sensor. That's the least the Convar service can do for me as them owe me a compensation for fumbled repairs of that 400G wide.
That problem would be fixed on goodwill http://ricoh.com/r_dc/info/ccd/

But I had to pay 119 euro for lens overall and quite some more for shipping costs to the service. My copy of the zoom was quite good when it was sent in to get both lens assembly and sensor replaced. That's what them took from me and replaced it with a very bad copy of the zoom and a sensor which already were bad.

After the last repair them replaced only the sensor although I demanded to have that unusable zoom replaced for a good one also which I should have had every right to after having paid well. I had to buy a used G4 wide on Ebay to get a good copy and replaced that zoom myself which luckily not is very hard to do on with that model.

Now turn have come to the service to compensate me for that bullshlt.

I've not decided exactly when I'll let that GRDI go to the service. Maybe I'll just hold it for some more weeks hoping that the ADJ-wheel begin to give problem to get that repaired also.

I'll surely report back regarding this repair. Just a question about how long I'll wait to send it in.

Edit: Edit: just read the receipt more carefully. The camera was bought on 26 April 2011 so that means that the two-year warranty is valid until April 2013.

I always thought that the warranty expired in april 2012. Must have read the date wrong the first time then. Nonetheless good because the ADJ-wheel should have begun to freeze the camera for april 2013 and I don't need to hesitate very long to send it in for the dust-issue.

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