Pi$$ed off Pro vs amateur. Would you have capitulated?

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Pi$$ed off Pro vs amateur. Would you have capitulated?
Feb 3, 2012


I am an amateur, I take photos for a hobby. I have flown out 3 times to my nieces play to help build sets. At the request of the people who put on the play I was asked to take pictures of the last 3 plays. It is volunteer just like building the sets. This last play was Wizard of Oz. It sold out every night but the people who put on the play reserved 2 seats in the back of the auditorium for 2 nights to take pics. This play one of the parents hired a pro photographer. Once I heard this I thought, I may not have to take pictures this time but found out he was only taking pics of one of the children and I still had reserved seats..

It is expressly forbidden to take pics or video of the play, except for the volunteer videographer, myself, and the pro photographer. The pro photographer had a great idea of photographing during dress rehearsal , but he upset the director and was told to leave the stage.


So.. I get to the play., I go to the ticket boot. The women give me a ticket that covers 2 seats and direct me to where I was located. I get there and start to unpack noticing there was a bottle of water in my second seat. The pro comes up and says, that is my seat. I say, I don't think so, the seats have signs on them reserved and they are reserved for me. He then said, I am the photographer. I said I am a photographer too, but the seats are mine. He shows me his ticket and says these seats are mine. I told him you need to talk to the ticket takers at the front. He then says. "Oh so you are saying you want to go out to the parking lot and fight (noting he was a foot shorter and at least 75lbs less than I question in my mind, why do I meet so many short men with little man syndrome in America). I said you need to talk to the people at the ticket office and if I am in the wrong seat I would move. This guy was from New York and was very pushy. His friend said, he is the professional photographer, he said, I do this for a living, and besides my water bottle had been sitting there all night. Just as it was about to escalate one of the ticket people walked up and said let me see your tickets. She looked at mine and said "I think you are in the wrong seat" to the delight of the pro photographer. Then changed her mind and said no, you (me) are correct the other gentleman needs to move to the other side of the auditorium. The pro then tells me, I should give up my seat because he was a pro and I was not. His partner says "He has the camera". At this point I was quite angry because this guy would not give up and his buddy was also belittling me. Then I noticing he had a 4/3drs system I pulled out my Canon 400 2.8 and told him come back and talk to me when you have a real camera and proceeded to unpack.

After he left, I got to thinking, so I walked to the other side of the stadium and said to him. We had a misunderstanding as to seat arrangements. I have 2 seats, you are more than welcome to shoot right next to me. He then started to tell me how I was an ashhole etc. I interrupted him and said, yes I was and I apologize. I just wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to from stage right as well as left regardless who of us was being unreasonable, I left it at that and he never ventured over to my side.

Now that I am calm, I can laugh about it and can think clearly how I could have handled it better.

How would you have handled it differently?

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