Ultimate low light Ricoh Lens Sensor combo would be...

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Ultimate low light Ricoh Lens Sensor combo would be...
Feb 2, 2012

Here is what you do Ricoh, take that 16MP sony sensor and take the Anti Aliasing filter off. THEN take the bayer filter off. Black and white ONLY camera. Here's why.

You TRIPLE the effective resolution, since with a bayer now every pixel is either red/green/blue so in reality it takes 3 pixels to equal one true full RGB pixel. Take the filter off and it's 1 to 1 resolution instead of 3 to 1

You TRIPLE the light gathering capacity. With a bayer filter each pixel has a color filter on top of it, this means that filter is blocking 2/3 colours. So a green filter only lets through green light and blocks RED/BLUE light from ever reaching the sensor

No AA filter needed since it's not an interpolated image it's true resolution, increased sharpness.

Then either fit a dedicated normal lens like a 40-50mm equivalent with a large aperture (f1.8 or lower). or put a classic mount on it.

BAM ultimate low light photojournalist camera. ISO 6400 transforms into ISO 19200 with the same electrical gain on the sensor, so similar noise. Plus that Sony sensor can produce usable black and white images at 12800 so you could probably hit usable ISO 38400, plus unmatched sharpness/resolution so you could use more noise reduction in post without eliminating detail

You might have to integrate a ND filter into the camera though, since ISO 200 would transform into ISO 600 which would be your lowest option.

I'm brilliant. Thanks everyone

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