D5100 or D7000?

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Joe Marques
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Re: D5100 or D7000?
In reply to Jaysun, Feb 2, 2012

Jaysun wrote:

The 7000 has many more focus points, it's weather sealed (which I like, as I shoot in heavy humidity and drizzle a lot), has a built-in motor (NICE!), shoots more FPS and has a max shutter speed of 1/8000s. Other than that, its pros seem negligible and I'm having a hard time justifying the huge cost difference. Then again, I'm certainly no professional when it comes to camera selection.

Other than more horsepower, a better suspension, and brakes, a Porsche GT3 is not much different than a Camry.

Cameras and lenses do not have linear pricing, they have exponential pricing. Thus ONLY one more stop of light means 5x's the cost for a 300 f2.8 vs. 300 f4. Similarly, weather sealing, pro level AF, faster FPS, and sturdier build is 2x the price (D7000 vs. D5100). Going to the highest end, world class AF, 8+ fps, and superb build is 10x's the cost of a consumer camera (D4 vs. D5100). There is no "car option value model", e.g., add A/C increases prices $1000, add wheels increases $1500, add luxury package increases $3500 with a net result of only 20-30% increase.

Cameras have a physics and technology limit or ceiling. Getting close to the limit has a serious premium - 10 fps with 20+ buffer, blazing AF tracking, 300mm+ @ f2.8, 50 1.2, 85 1.4, the list goes on.

What I suggest is you focus on your needs. It's about getting the shot and having the camera survive your style/usage. If you don't need heavy duty build or super fast AF or pro sports capable FPS - then you don't need a D7000. You will still enjoy a D700, it will help you make better in focus images than a D5100, and you will not regret owning it...but you don't NEED it.


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