G3 program mode - always large aperture?

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Re: G3 program mode - always large aperture?
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marcwee wrote:

My Nikon Dslr chooses in P-mode not always the maximum aperture. In bright light it chooses a smaller aperture. I don't think an algorithm for that is to difficult.

OK, but what is the algorithm? How small should it go, should it be in the middle range, and does it depend on the range. Unless you can predictably know what it will be, I don't know how it is better than Auto.

On the camera's I have had, P mode (or Program AE), always defer towards opening the aperture. On my P&S cameras they of course will close down the aperture if the shutter speed can't be adjusted enough to prevent overexposure. This works for most of what people want - if you want more control, go to A, P or even M mode.

So to me, the following definitions have applied.

Auto mean "Just do it for me, I just want a shot with good exposure and make sure I don't make stupid adjustments"

P means "I know a little bit what I am doing, but please let me change ISO, White Balance and EV. I want to steady the shot as much as possible, so please choose the setting that gives me the fastest shutter speed"

S means "I know quite a bit what I am doing. I am setting the shutter speed intentionally - slow because I want to blur the motion of the subject, or fast because I want the subject frozen. Please pick an appropriate aperture that exposes my picture correctly (and let me know when it can't"

A means "I know quite a bit what I am doing. I am setting the aperture intentionally - either wide open to maximise the light or create cool looking bokeh, or stopped down to give maximum depth of field and let me do things like set a hyperfocal distance for focus to infinity (and beyond)"

M means "I am a leet photographer, and I know everything about how to create a great shot. I might need a little help with metering so give me some advice - but I don't need no stinkin' EV compensation"

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