Sigma 50(150?)-500 with D5100 / D7000? Comments welcome

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Re: Sigma 50(150?)-500
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So YOU have used the sigma 50-500 OS and the Tamron 200-500 AND the nikon 300 F4 ?? Impressive yet I don't quite believe it.

Also 500mm compared to 420mm is still something. So looking at the pictures @ 100% on a 16MP sensor compared to 420mm on ...

I'm very happy with my 50-500 OS! Takes great pictures.

Also did you notice it's a 10 times zoom. sure you can advice a prime to your amateur friend but is a tele-prime that amateur friendly?

picture samples: (btw I know guidenet will be quick to say why these aren't good enough for your friend but a lot of great 'togs would be more than happy with the results a BigmaOS can deliver)

Guidenet wrote:

I think the 50-500 is a much better lens. Not only does it exhibit a better IQ and is sharper, but the build quality is up there too. LensRentals and some others have reported a much higher than average rate of repair needed on the 150-500 while not so much on the more expensive model.

While neither lens is the sharpest chunk of glass, the Bigma is the sharper of the two. One thing you notice a lot on posted images taken with these two is that they are often over-sharpened in an attempt to make it seem like they can better render feathers, texture and eye glint. Notice the halo effect around dark and light areas of high contrast and you can see that halo even in small images.

I know your friend doesn't have the budget, but your choice is far superior for a budget wildlife lens, using the excellent 300 f/4 AFS and a converter. I hope your friend will not be disappointed at any differences between your two IQs. The extra for a 300 f/4 AFS and the 50-500 is not that great.

I've found the Tamron 200-500 to be considerably sharper than either Sigma, but it doesn't have OS of any kind and is screw drive so won't AF with the D5100. You might also have him just get a kit lens for now and wait a little. Most believe Nikon is updating the 80-400 this year. That might be the perfect choice. Canon's 100-400 is a great choice there, so Nikon is expected to catch up and exceed we hope.
Cheers, Craig

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