if D800 is 36 million pixels Canon 5d Mmark 3 only 22 ..R U going to switch to Nikon

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Re: if D800 is 36 million pixels Canon 5d Mmark 3 only 22 ..R U going to switch to N
In reply to Great Bustard, Jan 29, 2012

Great Bustard wrote:

Taikonaut wrote:

I like having more MP but I also like better lowlight and more stops in dynamic range. Previously D700 has only 12mp which is too small to allow extreme cropping, not as sharp as the 5DMk2 even at 100% and offer virtually no lowlight improvement in actual details captured or worse when compared to 5DMk2 downsampled to 12mp.


If the rumoours at NR is correct the D800 while delivering a mssive 36mp has a native ISO range of 100-6400. CR put the 5DX/III at 22mp with native ISO range 100-25600 a massive 2 stop advantage over Nikon.

No -- the 5D3 will most certainly not have a "native ISO range" of 100-25600. It will most likely have a native ISO range from 100-6400 with up to a two stop digital push.

No. the 1DX has 2 stops advantage native ISO over D4 and did that with a higher MP camera. Keeping the MP at 22mp with a new generation sensor and Digic 5 Canon is adding more than 2 stops. It is highly unlikely to keep native ISO exactly the same as 5DMk2 as you have put it.

I suppose if someone find the 5DMk2 21mp is more than they really want and make better use of available natural lights then its a no brainer, pick the 5DX/III. If you are a studio shooter and use studio lights and unlikely to use high ISO the D800 might be better.

If anything, having more pixels results in less noise, just as the 5D2 demonstrates by matching, if not beating, the D700 when compared at the same level of detail, despite the 5D2 having a (slightly) less efficient sensor.

This is of course based purely on MP size and lowlight performances of the rumoured specs.

It's a shame that so many believe that more pixels results in more noise when, in fact, the exact opposite is true, but that the primary elements in image noise are the total amount of light falling on the sensor and the sensor efficiency.

Your belief is unfounded on me I'm afraid.

Actually I was one of the first to post examples of high ISO performance between 5DMk2 and D700 in equal resolution on dpreview and show the higher MP Canon is actually better lowlight camera.

The indication of native ISO range in relation to MP size was not evidence between 5DMk2 and D700 but this time round if rumours are true the native ISO range on the smaller MP camera is 2 stops higher than the bigger MP camera. Dropping 36mp to 22mp and compare lowlight ability you might see equal noise handling/detail capture between the two.

However the D3s has better lowlight DR than the 5DMk2 largely attributed to its newer sensor and smaller MP. Likewise I would expect lowlight DR of the 5DX/III to be superior to the large MP D800.

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