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If you like cookie cutter designs, where the developer decides what the user can do, there is no advantage to a design that allows the user freedom. Otherwise, it is vastly better. Simply because I can configure it one way and you can configure it another way.

An example is that I use dual monitors, and the arrangement I use puts the editing window on the left screen and most other windows in the right window. Except that I want things like a toobox, and any tool dialog box to be on the left edge of the left screen. There is very good reason to do that, but there is no requirement at all that you would want to do it that way, and you should not be forced to. But I should be allowed to. (The good reason for such a layout is effectiveness with a mouse over focus configuration, that Windows doesn't do.)

There is no good reason, why you should not be able to customize your workplace like that in a modern GUI and put the toolboxes wherever you want them, and still not have to deal with multiple independent entities floating around (Photoline, Paintshop Pro, ...). Good GUIs allow you to even save several such customized workspaces, so that you can quickly switch between them, depending on the task at hand.

Linux fans will then tell us that you have to distribute your apps on separate desktops to de-clutter the windows. Thanks, but does this not seem to add another layer of complexity?

Virtual desktops is one of the most useful devices ever invented, and leads to a huge reduction in the complexity of using a computer. (I've slowly fine tuned the same basic layout for almost 20 years now. I have 15 virtual desktops, in a vertical stack.)

I rest my case regarding virtual desktops - I fully acknowledge that they can be very useful; but they are not an average user scenario.

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