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iso rivolta
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In cameras with interchangeable lenses you have a marking on the camera for the image focal plane and the (minimum) focus distance of a lens is indeed measured between the subject and the sensor and that is important because you need the same reference when using different lenses.

As you can see G1 X has no such mark on the camera top, as neither do most of fixed lens cameras (Fuji X100 is an exception here), so there is no way of measuring the focus distance. In this case the manufacturers are giving the working distance (the minimum distance between the lens front element and the subject) calling it "macro distance", "imaging range" "focusing range" and all sorts of names except working distance. Even X100 with that focal plane mark present (for "retro" considerations only probably) has in the specification sheet something called "focus distance (from lens surface)".

op1318 wrote:
This totally makes sense to me.

Canon website seems to indicate 20cm MFD at the wide end, and 85cm MFD at the long end (112mm film equivalent). This may not be 1:1 true macro magnification but some sort of 'proxi' thing instead. Let's wait and see.

Shorthand wrote:

MFD is indeed measured from subject to sensor. Working distance is from the front of the lens.

MFD/(true) focal length will give you a first-order approximation of the maximum magnification of a lens. The issue is we don't know the maximum focal length at the MFD for the G1 X.

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