The Fuji X10 is broken and Fuji will not fix it!

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Re: The Fuji X10 is broken and Fuji will not fix it!
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How odd. I looked into the X10 just today. Is this an issue only with long night exposures with bright lights? Does it happen at all focal lengths? All f/stops?

If I may offer a guess (and it's only a guess). I had a similar problem with a FILM CAMERA. Believe it. It only showed up when I used my Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 lens at wide open. And with dark backgrounds and bright, specular lights. Just like this image above. I would have a ghost image of the bright spots. After some reverse engineering I figured out the issue, and it was 100% mechanical/physical. What was happening was that the lens focused the bright specular lights onto the film… which then REFLECTED it onto the back of the lens, which then reflected a ghost image back onto the film.

Odd, but true story. It had entirely to do with the shape of the back element (which was rather flat), the f/stop, and how bright the light was in relation to the dark areas around it. I do not know if that's what's going on here. I just don't know. But it sure as shootin' looks similar to the issue I had.

And if it's just a defect in the X10 or firmware … well, no X10 for me. I'll be watching.

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