alfredo strikes again

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The Bacon Wagoneer
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Re: alfredo strikes again

Yes... I have inherited Digital Alfredo's challenges for the time being as he's been banned under some pretty sketchy circumstances and is currently contesting the ban.

Just reading through this entire, longwinded thread and I'm struck my the sense of entitlement you all have - that most of you think that it's your God given right to post whatever you want in any challenge regardless of the host's intent or desires.

If you all were Yanks, then this could be understood - but some of you are British, and I would expect better decorum... which simply isn't so - at least in the fairly anonymous realm of the interwebs.

Personally, I would not have readmitted the photo you all have your knickers in a was over - not due to any right or wrong on my part, but because it would set a very bad precident and would make me wishy-washy.

I plan on continuing the series Digital Alfredo set out until he either is allowed to return or 'til I become bored with your ingratitude and idle sniping - and as he stated somewhere above, I will not care if you enter our challenges or not as it's only a reflection of yourselves and your pettiness.

So... I welcome those of you who are not blinded by your hatred - of someone yu have never met - to enter in the future.

Or don't.

I really do hope to create a positive air going forward... but can only do so when others work towards the same end.

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