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Ece :)

Hi there Ece,

well reading this all, I couldn't help myself giggling ...
Especially this phrase is priceless: "to shove her into the carriage" !
Hahaha And you call me BAD ?

Admittely, it seems the broom was a bit reluctant at first, but he then attentively helped his bride into the carriage. See the picture below for the happy end of this 'drama'. But I was not hinting in particular at the couple but it was for that horse with his head down. He seems so depressed undergoing this situation and then the other horse (and driver) looking at him pitifully.
I suppose that's my 'BAD' sense of (Amsterdam) humor ...

Anyhow, thank you very much for your thoughts and time to write it all down, I really do appreciate this, dear Ece.
So, thank you !

allamande wrote:

When I look at this image, I see two sets of carriages where a young couple is trying to get onto one of them. So far, so good... It's the guy who is helping the gal, and then something is amiss. That outfit she is wearing, tight to the point where it looks like he has to push her UP (or give her a lift) in order to shove her into the carriage! I see it as a struggle going on, with the outfit mismatching the occasion. I also hear them arguing earlier, she wanting to ride the carriage and he not so keen on it....(OK I am layering your image, but that's what you'd want, no?). And then, the driver of the carriage nearer us is onto the same thoughts as I am having. He has a snigger (I am sure) as to the absurdity of the situation, he is a bit curious as to whether they'll make it. I am laughing as I write this.

And, there you are, recording this . Yes, you are BAD!

Best regards, and be nice.


See ? I can be nice ...

Kind regards.


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