Bright lights and lensflare ?

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Bright lights and lensflare ?
Jan 8, 2012


I am not sure if this is "only" a hardware forum - but as this question has boggled my mind for long, I will try here - as there are so many experienced photographers around here.

If you look at the fullmoon at night or dusk, it is very sharp and clear if no clouds.

BUT, if you try to take a photo - it will get all smeared out and just full of lensflare I assume, NO MATTER WHAT SHUTTERTIME one uses...

It is easily seen even on the display or viewfinder on all digicams - totally unsharp and smeared out.

Whereas the human eye can see both the moon and the horizon clearly in dusk or dark.

So why is this ?

And how can you take a picture of a bright light source in the dark, as your eye/brain sees it ?

If you look at a lamp post in the night or dusk, exactly the same will happen - you can see it clearly, and also the dark surroundings.

But with a camera (ANY of my cameras the last 30 years), you will not be able to capture it like you see it

Cameras that take mulitiple exposure pictures and combine (or you can do it manually afterwards), will be able to get both the light and the dark "visible".

But you still dont see the light source "clear" and clean - it is just a blurred odd circle...

Why is this - and is it possible to take pictures without this lensflare ?

I have tried with high iso and fast shuttertimes - but absolutely no difference...

And one can see in the viewfinder/display, that it will NEVER be any good.

So my question is: IS it possible to take pictures of a lamp post or the moon (without zooming) ?
And if so - how ?
Does it require a much more expensive lens ?

Or is it not possible - eventhough a better lens will make it less - but never remove it so it becomes like your eye and brain sees it ?

This topic should not be confused with moon shots - as they are easy, when using the right zoom and lens.

But about shots of the moon or similar light sources, capturing the surroundings also (no zoom or wide angle) - how is it possible ? IS it possible ?

Kindly, Peter Frank, Engineer.

Three examples with long shuttertime (and two VERY different cameras) :

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