Kodak Is a bargain now!!

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Kenneth Margulies
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Re: Kodak Is a bargain now!!
In reply to rattymouse, Jan 7, 2012

Brutal, but I am frustrated. Kodak was once a proud, innovative company. Now it will be relegated to museum pieces. Business schools will teach the 'Kodak experience' on how a great company fails.

And the CEO is still in charge? The board is not screaming for his head? People are not furious?
Where is the innovation? KODAK invented digital photography, for goodness sake.

They should own the market. Instead, in the Washington DC area, they have broken displays in Best Buy. I am not kidding--the product as presented is no longer functioning. They might was well be next to Blackberry's displays.

Amazon does it right. Apple does it right. Even the car companies like Ford are now doing it right. Quality, innovation, value, marketing. Kodak lacks all of these...

Can you name a recent Kodak commercial? I can still remember their advertising from years ago, but nothing from the last 2 decades. Nothing....no brand image at all.

But i still love my P880. It works well, has a great lens, and had so much potential. Imagine if Kodak had stayed with that platform! Imagine if kodak teamed up with Apple on photographic technology! Or Sony? Or had done anything worthwhile over the past 5 years!
Right now, I think the inept leadership is paralyzed by fear.
They need a savior, and fast.

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