Is it just the EPL1 or are all 4/3 cameras not very user friendly?

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Re: Is it just the EPL1 or are all 4/5 cameras not very user friendly?


Thanks for your offer and the explanation. No hard feeling whatsoever. Now that you have been using the EPL1 for a while, do you still use the kit lens, and if so, do you notice dramatic improvement in your images from your previous camera when viewing on a monitor?

The opinions expressed on DP boards vary dramatically on the subject of noticeable differences in good light between an enthusiast p&s camera and a 4/3 or DSLR when a kit lens is used and viewing is done on a monitor. I have read conclusions from some very good photographers (with quality photos on their sites) that there just aren't going to be significant differences when shooting conditions are good. I do realize that people see things differently, but having a science background, its hard not to just look "at the facts" and so far the images on city scenes and landscapes when I can shoot at f4 - f8, ISO 400 or below, and range of 28-84mm (35mm equiv.) I just don't see much difference, and the S95 fits in my pocket and I can change ISO, shutter speed, aperture, etc. in the wink of an eye and the LCD screen is noticeably better.


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