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lens recommendations

hello gents, I bought my t3i about three weeks ago and have in that time taken about 5000 photos(5158 actually).

only about 300 of those have been with the kit lens, but the rest have been with the 50mm 1.8 which I love for its sharpness and indoor performance without flash, most of the pictures having been taken during the yuletide). Usually I have to do a lot of walking to frame the picture. Also I've missed out on some shots due to the lack of zoom.

So I'm in the market for another lens(or several). I don't know if I can go back to kit lens quality after becoming so enamored with my 50 prime, but these are what I think my needs are

1) would like a good walking around lens with wide angle to modest telescopic. I think the canon 18-135 would suit the bill, but its maximum aperture is rather narrow so I doubt I could use it indoors. Are there any zoom lenses such as this with better low light performance? affordable? I also have intentions of shooting movies indoors of my dad's band which my 50mm does well but is constrained by not having zoom(well except for the digital zoom which is very nice but the movie must be stopped to enable it)

2)a telescopic zoom lens, I gather there are several made by canon and more by third parties. The 55-250, the 75-300, the 70-300 is, and the 70-200 4/L (I doubt that I could spring for the 2.8L at this point still being a graduate student). Am I missing any important ones here? Really these wouldn't be used for indoors, I have no intention of shooting sports, but I would like the flexibility of using this handheld on a cloudy day for outdoor photography. Do any of these retain their value particularly well if I want to sell and upgrade?

3)I quite enjoy shooting people and have gotten some images that I am very happy with on my nifty fifty. However, the 85mm prime from canon seems to enjoy a revered status for portraits. Would it be worthwhile to invest in this lens? In my experience with my APS-C body and my 50mm the problem has been having to back up from the subject and not go closer; why the reverence for this lens?

Are there any other lenses that I'm unaware of that provide an exceptional value for their price/performance? Again, I've been stunned really by the quality of my 50mm

thank you much for a considered response.

Canon EOS 600D (EOS Rebel T3i / EOS Kiss X5)
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