Is it worth it to spend an extra $100 for a 50d over a 40d?

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Didn't enter this thread to have debate with people who read reviews on net, but to help member of this site choosing between two cameras.
My observation is based on PERSONAL experience using both cameras all the time.

IMAGE LEVEL....funny argument. Most of 10mp and 15mp power can NOT be seen at image level unitl large print cause it is lost druing printing.

One of most said arugments to have more MP is crop power. When you crop 15MP image to the size of 10MP 40d has better IQ at that "image level" and I would rather buy longer lens than body with more MP. This is the part you don't understand when "per pixel sharpnes" is used as argument for IQ.

Reason I bought 50d......needed another body and 40d was discontinued. Also got a great price.

Enjoy your camera. It is fine piece of equipement for shooting....something. Go shoot!

springbock wrote:

Boris.... where did you get all this misinformation from? It's all wrong! When the 50D came out dpreview was clueless on how to judge image quality on such a camera with so many megapixels. So being clueless they judged it at 100%, not realizing that when viewing pictures at 100% they were viewing images at different magnifications depending on how many megapixels it had. This still isn't understood by a lot of people today. Almost every other review site was smarted than that and compared the 50D to the 40D at the IMAGE level. They all found the 50D to be better than the 40D with resolution and even with noise. I used to post links and quotes to like 15-20 review sites stating that the 50D was superior. There were a few idiots like this MAC guy that just couldn't handle Canon releasing a newer better model than his beloved 40D so he went on a relentless jihad putting down the 50D. Were you by any chance involved in some of those arguments? So anyway some people got this ingrained in their head and started repeating this lower mp is better mantra over and over to the extent that this notion still hasn't been totally stamped out on this forum.

Also Carl is right, there is no such thing as per pixel sharpness. At the time I searched high and low on the internet and couldn't find any definition or reference to this term except from dpreview. But it was too late some goofy people on this site took this term and ran with it. You can still see some people saying it to this day, it's nonsense.

Bottom line is the 50D is the better camera in every way!

boriszulj wrote:

There is no significant difference in terms of image quality. Even 50d has 15MP it doesn't capture much more details than 40d. It is more like 12 MP vs. 10 MP.

40d dors better job in shadow area, and little better noise at high ISO. But little.

Focus MA is nice fieature for those with problematic lenses. I dont use it cause have good calibrated lenses. Also, FMA is not so good for zoom lenses.
LCD is better on 50d.

Other than difference.

For 100 usd I would go with 50d, but not for more.

Just my 2 cents.
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De gustibus non disputandum est!

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