Camera collector: which highly rated cameras/lenses returned and kept

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Camera collector: which highly rated cameras/lenses returned and kept
Dec 22, 2011

I don't carefullly select by reading first. I buy and then decide.

Sony NEX 5N: No camera has given me more pleasure to return. Acknowledged poor menus, loud shutter, large lenses, but the worst is face skin tones come out orange/yellow. Require Post Processing (PP) in light Room (LR) every time to get a face right if at all. A machine gun of mediocrity. Instead Nikon, Fuji, Olympus you click and a perfect portrait is done.

Sony NEX7: I can't wait to get it to return it for the same reasons

Fuji X10: Most painful to return. I love this camera. Quality construction, great in low light, silent shutter. Great optical viewfinder. Yes it has Orbs of light (globs of white in low ISOs) but I have not seen them. Its just that the Olympus XZ-1 is 30% smaller, 30% lighter, 30% less money and for practical purposes the Olympus is jacket pocketable, and good enough in low light indoor with its f1.8 lens.

Fuji X100: Most pleasurable to return. This highly acclaimed controversial 16 ounce fixed lens behemoth mascarades as portable when small DSLRs feels lighter with a proper grip. Suffers now for a year of disabling sitcky blade issue that freezes it at f2.0 sometimes requiring several trips to Fuji which won't fix the problem.

Leica X1. Keeping it and will take out first in house fire. At 11 ounces, with a full sized sensor, $ 1400 refurb from Leica, takes same quality pictures as $13,000 Leica M9 with Elmarit 36mm lens. 40% smaller and 30% lighter than Fuji X100, it has no viewfinder (though for a fixed lens you can get a tiny glass fixed one for $ 140, but really you can shoot from the hip at 35mm), but its pictures are bright colors with the Leica 3D feel (see Steve Huff Leica X1 reviews in google). Perfect colors, no distortion, bright, super sharp. You can tell a Leica picture by looking at it. If Leica could put a small EVF and a 920K screen on it and keep it at 11 ounces it would rule.

Nikon D7000 -- every opportunity to overblow a sky to blinding white it took. If there is a window in the picture it is blown. Instead the Nikon D5100 is 30% lighter, 30% less money, and will always give you blue skies.

Nikon 18-200 lens. Does it all mediocritally at $ 800. Instead Nikon 18-135 much sharper at $ 250. 18-135 much sharper than $ 700 overrated 16-85.

Canon DLRS and lenses are so ugly they are official Darth Vader choice.

Samsung NX200: This sleek odd pocketable 9 ounce 24meg full sensor with its thin 2 ounce Super Sharp highly rated 30mm pancake could have owned the photography world for two years stone cold with no competition. Sony has no thin pancake lenses for NEX exept for the badly rated 16mm . Fuji has no interchangeable lenses. Canon has no Evils. Nikon V1/J1 is a laughable small sensor screaming for attention. But the NX200 focuses poorly, skin tones are pale, and Raws are 50 megs and jpegs too much Noise Reduction. Of course electronics behemoth Samsung could take 1000 of its engineers and fix this in two days but no. When it focuses right this pocketable 9 ounce full frame camera with its 2 ounce pancake bests the Sony NEX with the large $ 1000 24mm Zeiss easily.

m4/3: perfection that runs out of steam at ISO 1600. Maybe Panasonic G3/GX1 can save the day here. Olympus E-p3 and E-pl3 and E-pm1 with a little light yield perfection: small, fast AF, perfect perfect skin tones. In low light Oly needs a better sensor. m4/3 lenses are amazing. Pana 20mm 1.7 is sharp and small. Leica/Pana 25mm 1.4 is fast AF, super sharp, Leica colors. Oly 12mm is perfect wide angle. Pana 14mm is also perfect at $ 200. Oly 45mm 1.8 (90mm equiv.) is a must. Oly 45-150 at $ 150 is very small and great. Pana GF3 not great. 14-42X Pana folded lens is great or poor I can't decide.

Love the Nikon inexpensive 50mm 1.8. Better than the fickle expensive Nikon 50mm 1.4

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