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Re: ....modified my shooting technique....
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faith_ps wrote:

northcoastohio wrote:

Thank you for the replies. I do think that the E-5 is a significant step up over my E-620 in terms of high ISO noise, sharpness and focus.

I have also modified my shooting technique recently and that has helped with timing and the "keeper" rate.

Care to share?

With the E-620 I had a lot of practice, trial and error with the various shooting modes. At first S-AF (RLS Priority S = OFF) with sequential was giving me the best results using the center single AF target. After a while I could track well enough to use C-AF (RLS Priority C = ON). Again with sequential shooting on the center single AF target. So when I got my E-5 recently that's where I started. It worked well for me.

Next I tried the Diamond pattern. What I came to find was that the tracking and Predictive AF works almost too well - and it is fast. At least with hockey it was finding targets to focus as I tracked the action and would change very quickly when high contrast movement would approach the focus point. Back to trial and error and learning a new technique.

First, the camera settings:
Sequential Shooting Hi
RLS Priority C = ON
AEL/AFL C-AF mode4
Diamond Pattern

Swap the AEL/AFL button with the Fn Button (p 107 in E-5 Manaul) because it applies to the battery holder too!

The technique is using the C-AF when needed and keeping the shutter release separated. I am sure it's NOT new since the feature is included for a reason. It's just new to me. It takes some getting used to and practice. The results are some great captures. For example: I had locked focus on the defender in front of the goal and panned with the tumbling puck. Had I used my previous ways the camera would have quickly changed focus and AF ocked onto the boards beacuse I was using the center spot. It really is the best of ALL worlds. I can just hold it down and get C-AF, release the Fn Button and it's single S-AF locked, or use manual focus. In any case the shutter will release when I want it for as long as I want it.

Because I use the battery grip I swapped the Fn Button and the AEL/AFL buttons. It's also easier to use - IMHO.

The last thing I did was register the AF Home to the center. Then before I shoot I set the current AF to top dot in portrait with the camera rotated. I do this because I can quickly switch between the two positions with the press of this button. Often when shooting portrait I want to focus on the head/face of a player and not the stick, hands, etc. I can shoot tighter in portrait now. Again, if I switch back to landscape the focus point move back to center with the press of my thumb.

I hope this all makes sense and you find it useful...

Best regards and happy shooting!

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