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clarence hk
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Re: Did a whole bunch of posts disappear...
In reply to Dan Nikon, Dec 17, 2011

Dan Nikon wrote:

Like my work, I put my heart and soul into several of those posts, took the time to really see both sides and bring a side not often represented here to the fold Bruce...

Could you imagine how I felt after doing awesome at commercial shoot tonight to come home, be in a great mood and ready to throw a couple more pics a fun story up here that people, yes even those most critical, would have enjoyed only to find things deleted, no note from the admins, nothing?

I am humiliated, embarrassed even...that I took the time, typed on my iPhone to do this.

I apprciate all of you hearing me out, but man, I have to be done with these kinds of places, it's going to suck the life out of me. I have got to be going Bruce, I am not saying I am better than anyone on here, but I am sure as heck better that this site and what it really stands for.

I'll leave you with what I left on my last deleted post:

"Ain't life Grand with a Leica in the hand!"

Goodbye Dan. Thanks a lot for the nice posts of depths & insight about photography. They are some of the best seen here. I'll always remember them.

That they are deleted reflects the standard & mentality of the forum. Pretty disappointing I must say.

So don't waste any more time here. You have far better places to go.

And you wake me up too ! I'll leave as well.

It's a tea-party for the regulars. Just don't spoil their fun. To them, good photography is never an important pursuit. Flocking together with peers of a feather is the first priority.

One last advice to this forum : please welcome all the "trolls", whatever their tones.

Don't ask for that silly "harmony". It's white terror & unhealthy.

No need to ask for their photo portfolios. Whether they take crap photos or ten times better than yours just do not matter. Read beyond their "harshness" & you just self-reflect.

In most cases, their perception about your photography is accurate. Just that some do not bother to elaborate. Or some are not articulate enough.

Diversity & differences in opinions & harsh comments are all healthy. They are all good mirrors. They make the world spin faster. Just that the older you get, less people around you will benefit you with such "mirrors". And you are all the more reluctant to them.

Sometimes between the apparent "trolls" & those die-hard irrational defensive forum regulars, I don't know who are the worse trolls & more dangerous to the interest of the forum.

So bye everybody. Enjoy photography beyond the scope of this forum.

See more, shoot more, think more.

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