Why I favor the Leica X1 over Fuji X100

Started Nov 30, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Why I favor the Leica X1 over Fuji X100
Nov 30, 2011

1) The cameras are sisters. Google Leica X1 vs. Fuji X100 and there are many serious comparisons. The X100 was created to compete with the X1.

2) The X1 weighs 10 ounces compared to the X100 at 15. Also the X1 is a lot smaller (pocketable as a small m4/3, smaller than X10 Fuji)

3) Yes the X100 has a viewfinder but I don't really use it. In bright light you could put any 35mm glass in the hotshoe

4) The X100 does have some focus issues. Amazingly, I have several pictures of my blurry wife in the center with the background in perfect focus. The X1 is about the same speed in good light to AF, and slower in low light. But it always nails the AF perfectly.

5) Price. Several Leica direct refurbs (which are new and perfect) are now going for $ 1400.

6) No sticky blade issue with X1.

7) Better skin tones, better lack of distortion, more "Leica 3D pop" if you believe in that. Look up Leica X1 pictures in pbase.com and you will see great pictures.

8) Read Steve Huff's 4 reviews on the X1. They are very positive. In general reviews punish it because of the $ 1995 price. But it is coming down, and any m4/3 is gonna cost you $ 2000 with lenses. And a X100 with the required maintenance plan now is $ 1500.

9) Many references on the X1 equate its IQ in good light to the M9 ($7000) with a 35mm Leica lens ($4000). Leica.com praises it.

Obviously both have to grow, and the X2 and the X200 will be interesting. To me, weight of a portable and size are important. You can stuff an X1 in any jacket pocket. The X100 requires a large pocket. The X1 is smaller than the X10, which is smaller than the X100.

But the X1 is sleepy. It is older now. But if you want large sensor cameras the choises are:

Sony NEX 5N - large lenses, loud shutter, awful skin tones
Sony NEX7 - large lenses, loud shutter, has great EVF
Samsung NX200 - pale pictures, great pancakes, 50 meg RAWS, bad jpegs at hi ISO

Unfortunately I think the X200 will be even larger than the X100 and it will have lenses. And the X2 will never come. I think Leica will not try to compete with the electronics. And I think the m4/3 sensors will soon equal today's X100/X1 sensors ... when they catch up to the new technologies we see in the X10 and the Nikon J1/V1

I apologize in advance by posting this here, and feel free to disagree with me. Often times the X100 wins in comparisons so I feel the X1 became the overpriced underdog. So I feel sorry for it. Try to keep responses civil please. I own both the X100 and the X1.

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