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Re: I would not have any problems.....
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I have to correct you on one thing the canon IS a fish eye not "more" of a fish eye. I like canon glass but I have some sigma lenses Including the 8-16 and it is a very sharp lens and it is not a fish eye. there is a some distortion but you would expect that in a lens that is equivalent to a 12- 24mm lens in full frame. If canon were to make a lens like this that is not a fish eye it would probably cost twice the price. Sigma,tamron and tokina make some very competitive lenses and some the are actually better and in most cases cost less. it is very close minded to such options. But you are entitled to your opinion. Not trying to boast, I am a working pro and find that the sigmas that i own have held up very well in tough environments, even though they are not sealed.

schmegg wrote:

Eugene Powers wrote:

schmegg wrote:

Eugene Powers wrote:

Sigma makes some of the best alternatives to OEM
8-16mm, 17-50mm F2.8 50-150mm F2.8, 150-500mm(?)

Meh. I have the 150-500. It hasn't left it's case since I got the 100-400L. The Canon is better in every conceivable way - smaller, sensible filter size, lighter, better AF, better IS, better IQ and better bokeh. About the only thing I can think of that some might like about the Siggy is that it's black! As to the 400 vs 500 - I'd be surprised if the Sigma actually reaches what it says on the barrel - the difference between the Canon at 400 and the Sigma at 500 (in terms of reach) is slight, to say the least.

That is why I put question mark next to it.

I prefer 50-500mm OS over 150-500mm and Canon 100-400mm because it is so much better. I sold my 100-400mm this year.

Good for you

Same goes for the 17-50 vs 17-55 - the Canon is just better in almost every way.

That is not what I read from people who actually tried both. And Sigma is half the price.

I've used both and you're hearing it from me - I guess that doesn't count for some reason. Perhaps because it doesn't agree with your opinion.

As to the 8-16 .. I'm tipping (because I haven't had a chance to try the new Canon) that the Canon will once again be superior. It is weather resistant for a start.

What new Canon? Canon does not have one this wide.

However, as CarVac says, it's more of a fisheye, so it's probably not a good comparison.

And as to the 50-150 - my 70-200 will add yet another Canon lens to the list of lenses that Sigma don't quite match.

How do you know? It is not out yet. I have Sigma 70-200mm OS and I can pit it against your Canon anytime. Again, sold Canon 70-200mm IS this year.

Sure you can. But you won't come up with anything better than the Canon can produce. Your IS wont be as good nor your AF. And hows the weather sealing on the Sigma?

Seriously - I'm not trying to denigrate Sigma lenses here - they are quite good value IMHO. But, given I have the choice of choosing and using this lovely Canon glass, the Sigmas just don't get a look in.

Thank you for admitting being Canon bigot

If I had a Sony body, on the other hand, then maybe they'd be more attractive

So - essentially - what we have here are two people who prefer different things. Wow! Who'd have thought that could happen!

Dude - I don't agree with you. I have owned and used Sigma lenses (still have two) and I've found them, in almost every case, to be inferior to their (more expensive) Canon 'equivalents'.

Have a look along the sidelines or in amongst the action at any major sporting event or gathering of pro photographers and check out what lenses they are using. You'll see at least ten Canon lenses to each Sigma lens.

The fact that you think differently is fine - there is absolutely no need to call me a bigot for expressing my opinions. In fact, I've acted no differently to yourself - are you implying that you yourself are a "bigot" too?

Honestly - some people seem to take someone disagreeing with them as a personal attack! That's not the case and it'd be appreciated if a little more maturity was employed. Cheers.

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