Move from a Pen to a Nex?

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Re: Move from a Pen to a Nex?
In reply to 999, Oct 30, 2011

Is this what you want - colour, resoulution - looks good to me!

999 wrote:

Mike, I missed your post last night. Thanks for the reply and for your take on the matter based on your experience.

Some people might rightly say that my expections are far too high for the kind of equipment I am looking at and therefore I am doomed to relative disappointment but I am an absolute sucker for colour depth (resoulution) see link from this site. (Good glass, lighting and attractive model noted.)

Do you think Sony can possibly pull it off with the higher density sensor on the 7?


mike kobal wrote:
I didn't read through the replies, this is my personal take.

My main system is the Canon 5D2 for studio and life style (1DSmkIII prior to video)

discovered m43 and really enjoy shooting with the GH2, very fast af with the 20mm and even faster w the 14mm for stills and fantastic video.

I never thought this would happen but I am totally impressed with the sensor output of the Nex 5n, it is a 5D2 (well, almost) in your pocket! From my shooting experience i can safely say this is the best crop sensor out there right now (I have shot w every digital Canon and Nikon) and beats all M43 sensors currently available.

I am still going to wait for the new Panasonic GX1 announcement, mainly because the af on the 5n is very speedy but not as fast as the GH2/14mm combo and the oly p3 af is just as fast if not faster. And if the GX1 disappoints I will get rid of the m43 system and go with nex/canon.

If you are looking for excellent dynamic range, color depth, incredible low light performance, the 5n is IT, the OSS on sony lenses works very well, but no in body stabilization
hope this helps..

999 wrote:

I tried this question on the Nex forum but could not get a straight answer. I would really appreciate opinions from people in a similar position or those with experience of both cameras.

The decison I am trying to work out is fairly straight foward. My current camera is a Pen with the 20m Panasonic. With that lens I can focus in very low light (kit les virtually blind) and the colours are good (800 max iso) What I don't have is as much resolution as I would like. I often crop - pictures within pictures - and I like to print large. On a very personal note I also need image stabilisation.

What do I want? what I cant have, the image quality of an Eos Ids Mk111 or Phase medium format. Even if I could afford either I would not want to carry them.

Straight foward then! for me, would a Nex 7 (or a 5N) give me significantly improved reliable image quality over the Pen? Would I actually see that in crops and large prints?


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