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Is anyone actually 100% happy with their X100?

Started Oct 30, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Is anyone actually 100% happy with their X100?
Oct 30, 2011

Just looking at what has happened to the forum since the announcement and subsequent arrival of the X100 and the number of issues with the camera, it must be one of the most controversial camera releases ever! To be perfectly honest, the forum has become depressive!

It seems to be page after page of complaints, problems, excuses and in some cases, downright pathetic whinging! But is it fair?

If people choose not to want to buy the X100 then fine but why start a thread with..Decided NOT to buy because... or threads about the X200 etc ? That sort of comment should be within threads, not as a unique thread - it just sounds more like attention-seeking than real debate.

Realistically, the X100 was never going to be more than a quirky and limited use camera with it's fixed lens, admittedly a very attractive, compact and useable camera which to be fair, produces very pleasing results indeed within it's capacity, in the right hands of course but, maybe expectations of it were just far too high.

Looking at some of the silly questions and comments in threads, it's clear that a good number of users just don't have enough photographic knowledge to use a camera of this ilk - it may look cool and retro, but it's NOT a P&S and needs a reasonable knowledge of photography to get the most from it!

I wonder for instance, how many actually have the so-called sticky blade problem which supposedly manifests itself as over-exposure? I'm not contesting that there is no manufacturing problem but, how many are actually using the camera's metering correctly? It's all too easy to put poor photographic results down to camera, rather than user issues.

I personally have no intention of buying an X100 as I'm quite happy to stick a Nikon 20-35mm f2.8 or a 50mm f1.4 or many of my other Nikon lenses onto my S5 or other Nikon bodies to get the shots I want but, if I did own an X100, I'd find ways to deal with any shortcomings rather than keep knocking the camera.

In some ways, the X100 is little better than the fixed lens rangefinder cameras of yesteryear and they were replaced by the SLR which should say something!

However, it's also a camera that is absolutely light years ahead of it's rangefinder predecessors so, even with it's fixed lens limitations, as a camera it can obviously still produce excellent results which can match up-market DSLR's but it needs someone who knows what they are doing to get the most from it.

If users really want to experience nostalgic photography with the X100, then they should simply get hold of a decent hand held meter and learn how to use it - stick the camera in manual mode and adjust the camera from the meter readings for the shots and I'm sure that most forum complaints would cease and more pictures than complaints would be posted!

So for a change, let's hear some positives about the camera instead of alll this moaning and why not at the same time post some of your pics here to show just what the camera can do, as I'm sure there must be many satisfied users!


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