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A77 Reviews
Oct 29, 2011

I noted with interest that someone in the Nikon forum had posted a comment ref a review of the A77 in the latest edition of Chasseur d'Images magazine.

He said the 24Mp Sony exmor sensor is tested and considered as great.

The A77(which uses this sensor) got 5 stars in every department (features, action, landscape and studio).

On a side note I can understand perhaps criticisms of the camera because it is not as noise free as others but not so many moons ago people were taking fine low light pictures with cameras with much worse noise characteristics than the A77. Perhaps there photographic technique was better or they had to use a tripod but they got the shots.

before someone who likes shooting bats in dark caves jumps on me and says but it should be better perhaps they should consider that no camera is yet all things to all men. The A77 will satisfy those who require the characteristics of its sensor and the some other camera will satisfy those who are not prepared to work around the the limitations of the sensor. For those a different camera might be a better choice.

The critical comments seemingly come from an array of people who felt that the camera would enable them to have their cake and to eat it. The camera has been released so they need to get over it. The fact that the camera may not do what they want it to hasn't suddenly rendered their existing photographic equipment incapable. Either wait till the next generation of sensors or switch brands to ensure you get what you want.

Sony is still trying to build themselves as a photographic brand. They employ a significant number of people who understand a great deal about marketing and where the business is to be had. I suspect they have a grand strategy for their imaging division designed to ensure they eventually are considered as equals to C&N. In any case only time will tell if there plans were correct and the sales figures (adjusted for economic shenanigans) will bear this out.

For full disclosure reasons I should probably state that I'm a Nikon shooter with a D700. I lam both a hobby photographer as well as a gadget lover. I switch my photographic equipment as the whim takes me in the full understanding that MP's, focus speed, low noise and all the other facilities do not make my photographs better - only practise, education and f8'ing and being there do that. The A77 has taken my eye. I tried one the other day because I was interested in the new EVF and found the whole machine to be very impressive.

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